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Energy of a busy city connecting to many locations

VPP aggregation and hosting 

Virtual power plants (VPPs) regulate energy supply by connecting, coordinating and monitoring renewable decentralised energy resources. They allow management of supply of large or multiple loads, trading or selling energy products in energy markets and undertaking demand-side management. Through Sibyl AI, VCE aggregates its microgrids and co-ordinated DERs into VPPs in a fully automated and optimised way to serve loads, participate in energy markets and supply grid services.

VCE hosts customer DERs on its VPP platforms, minimising system peak demand and automating responses to efficiently manage high and/or negative prices leading to reduce energy bills. Customers also earn revenues from supplying energy services to the grid operator or participation in demand-side management programmes. 

As renewable energy supply comes to increasingly dominate flows into the grid, VPPs will also support networks and grid managers stabilise the grid, ensure its resilience and manage voltage fluctuations, providing supply that is more efficient and flexibly managed.  Sibyl AI is positioned to support networks optimise VPPs.

Examples of DERs capable of being aggregated and hosted into VPPs include:

  • Behind-the-meter and Front-of-meter microgrids

  • EV charging and load management or vehicle-to-grid discharging

  • Controllable loads and IOT-enabled or smart appliances.




Infographic demonstrating how virtual power plants work
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