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Electric car battery

EV charger management

Moama EV charger

Vehicles using electricity as their primary energy source - EVs or hydrogen-based transportation, will transform energy markets.  Currently, transportation consumes 45% of all energy produced in Australia - mostly, in liquid fuels. However, it only accounts for 5% of electricity usage. This sector is expected to become the largest user of electricity by 2050. 

Distributed EVs, from personal vehicles to commercial trucking and transportation, require large loads and sophisticated energy and power management systems. Sibyl EMS can manage EV charging supplied through VCE's microgrids and VPPs. When hosted on our VPP platforms, we also ensure customers access to lowest cost charging and highest returns for discharging, optimising the rate of both.

VCE uses Sibyl AI to develop control systems to manage EV interactions within our  microgrids, VPPs and the grid. Our systems improve the reliability of the grid and reduce costs, not only for EV users, but for the power system generally.     

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