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Sibyl AI 

Sibyl is VCE’s proprietary artificial intelligence software for energy management systems for networks and for commercial microgrids. Its innovative data engineering, forecasting, and learning algorithms maximise operating performance and efficiency of power systems and improves return on energy asset investments. 


For commercial and industrial applications, we deliver microgrids which combine Sibyl AI software with our own microgrid controllers to provide an energy management system (Sibyl EMS) that seamlessly integrates and optimises distributed energy resources.  Sibyl EMS sits between distributed energy resource power management controls systems and the network.


For networks, Sibyl AI software assists in optimisation of energy grids, improving management of energy flows between individual microgrids for homes and businesses or co-ordinated VPPs including front-of-meter energy parks or EV charging stations, and the power grid. 


The Sibyl AI software uses the latest developments in data sciences, state-of-the-art algorithms (machine learning techniques and model predictive controls) and controls systems. It executes intelligent decision-making to forecast future conditions at a particular site or region using predictive analytics on load, PV generation, power system parameters, and market prices (for both energy and local network services) and dispatches instructions to adjust and direct power management control systems.

Customer applications

For commercial and large industrial energy users, Sibyl AI  is utilised in:​

  • design stage – optimal design and integration of grid-connected DERs in a fully-automated, fully-intelligent microgrid architecture​

  • operational stage –  efficient dispatch of the microgrid using sophisticated model predictive controls and machine-learning, to serve load and provide market services; predictive analytics on maintenance and asset management (e.g power-point-tracking, mean-time-to-fail)​

  • market hosting and VPP aggregation


For network or system operators, Sibyl AI software can manage hosting of microgrids and VPPs to deliver local network services, manage system protection and provide co-ordinated response.​

Our test-beds are used to programme energy management systems and integrated microgrid controllers; evaluate asset performance; provide real-time digital simulation and emulation for networks; and, undertake new research​ in DER applications. While it is designed to model local Australian conditions - weather, markets and power systems, Sibyl is also scalable to traded energy markets globally.

Smart tracking of performance in real-time

Sibyl enables the performance of energy assets and power systems to be viewed anywhere, anytime, in real-time.   

  • Predict local load usage, solar generation and optimise battery storage

  • Real-time tracking of energy and cost savings, asset performance, and carbon footprint reduction

  • Automatically store and dispatch energy to wholesale markets to maximise customer revenues  

  • Integrate with market operators and utilities to provide data or market services   

  • Improve the efficiency, safety and reliability of power system performance 

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