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Moama Bowling Club

Solar Carpark Structure, Battery Storage System, Sibyl EMS, Electric Vehicle Charging and Greenhouse Gas Savings

Euston Club

Fully Automated Microgrid, DERs and Sibyl EMS, Energy Self-Sufficiency and Savings 

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Goulburn Workers Club

Solar and Electric Vehicle Charging

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Mulwala Water Ski Club

Solar Carpark Structure in Construction to Optimise Energy Savings

Merck Pharmaceuticals

Currently in Production

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Deniliquin RSL

Solar Carpark Structure, Electric Vehicle Charging and Energy Efficiencies

Euston Club


Being at the fringe of the NSW grid, energy supply was increasingly unreliable, hampering the operations of the Club.  Whilst security of supply was a paramount consideration, other important factors had to be addressed - the need to insulate from high prices, commitment to sustainable procurement practices and implementing new clean energy technologies. Euston Club wanted to change its approach from passive to pro-active engagement on energy procurement.  

System solution

At Euston Club, VCE designed and constructed Australia's first fully-automated, fully intelligent microgrid using its Sibyl EMS energy management system. The microgrid comprises a 406.3 kW solar generation (solar farm and solar battery enclosure), 300KW/1.25 MWh battery energy storage system, 500 kVA standby diesel generation system, 2 EV chargers, with microgrid controlling system integrated into Sibyl EMS. The microgrid operates reliably and consistently in automatic mode, switching effectively between battery to solar to grid to maximise cost savings, reliability of supply with maximum environmental benefit. It is also capable of providing services to the AEMO wholesale and local Essential Energy network.  

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Vellocet Clean Energy Microgrid enclosure EV charging station
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Moama Bowling Club


Moama Bowling Club needed a comprehensive energy solution that addressed the challenges of high and increasingly volatile electricity retail and network charges, and a stakeholder commitment to 100% sustainable, renewable energy. In addition, since roof areas for solar were limited, the club was looking for an innovative architectural solution to upgrade its carpark infrastructure.  

System solution

VCE worked with the club through feasibility assessement, authorities approvals, and design and engineering to deliver a microgrid comprising 502.9 kWp solar generation - a solar car park structure (337.9 kWp) and rooftop solar (165 kWp), 750 KW/2.150 MWh battery energy storage system, 750 kVA standby diesel generation system, 4 EV charging stations and microgrid controls system integrated into Sibyl EMS. The microgrid supplies most of the club's day time load and 100% of its highest cost peak 5-8 pm evening load. It is also capable of providing services to the AEMO wholesale and local Essential Energy network.     

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