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Microgrids and co-ordinated

Microgrids provide customers with their own localised, independent power system, generating and storing 100% renewable energy. Organisations of all sizes are exploring microgrid systems as solutions to energy resilience, cost savings, and environmental benefit. Microgrids are able able to operate in grid-connected or islanded modes (disconnected from the power grid during fault or outage) to ensure uninterrupted supply.


Microgrids integrate distributed energy resource systems, including renewable energy generation (solar), battery storage, thermal energy storage (such as diesel or gas generators), electric vehicle chargers and smart controls. Microgrid optimisation software and intelligent controls allow optimisation of the microgrid and energy flows to and from the power grid.

Sibyl EMS, using Sibyl AI, delivers efficient, automated, intelligent control and co-ordination of microgrids and virtual power plants. These solutions optimise energy flows and improve the efficiency of the power system while increasing direct consumer engagement in energy markets.  

Microgrid Infographic
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