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Be part of the clean energy future

We help customers maximise the economic and environmental benefit of clean energy assets. Providing solutions that reduce costs and are future-focused.

Vellocet Clean Energy

Leader in the delivery of smart technology for the clean energy sector.

VCE builds and operates clean energy distributed energy resources (DERs) for commercial, industrial and network applications. We specialise in AI applications for DER power systems design using our Sibyl AI software. Our microgrids and VPPs use our proprietary AI-based energy management and power controls system, Sibyl EMS, to optimise DER integration. Our solutions allow customers to maximise the efficiency, environmental and economic return on their energy assets. Become part of the clean energy future.

Sibyl AI


Fully automated AI-based energy management system for distributed energy resources

Sibyl seamlessly integrates and optimises distributed energy resources into the network. We transform passive energy assets into active market engagement, maximising efficiency, economic and environmental returns at both consumer and system levels. Sibyl has been developed in collaboration with the University of Sydney and represents cutting-edge AI research and technology in energy management.

Computer screen demonstrating how Sibyl optimises and manages energy usage
Sibyl EMS integration schematic


Person on a computer

Professional services

We help customers - commercial, industrial, project developers and networks - develop clean energy solutions that meet their needs from consultation, design and engineering to deployment.  

Sibyl technology

Sibyl AI

Sibyl's innovative data engineering, forecasting, and learning algorithms maximise operating performance and return on investment for every microgrid system in the network.

Microgrid and solar pannels


Microgrids provide customers with their own localised, independent power grid, generating and storing clean energy. Organisations of all sizes are eager to explore microgrids which offer energy resilience and cost savings.

Electric vehicle charging

EV charger management 

EVs will have a significant impact on load and power management for microgrids, VPPs and the grid. VCE assists in the design and engineering of smart control systems to manage efficient EV charging and discharging.

Busy city power system image

VPP aggregation and hosting

As VPPs increasingly play a more dominant role in supplying the power system and services to grid operators, customers can join VCE's VPP platforms to host their microgrids and other co-ordinated DERs into energy markets and access market revenues.     

An energy market

Energy markets engagement

As new markets emerge for energy products, customers will be rewarded for more active engagement. Through VCE Energy Alliance, VCE will assist customers to access markets and maximise profitability.  

Providing customers with solutions that implement clean energy investment, reduce costs significantly, are future-focused and meet sustainability objectives.

Key partners and research collaborators

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