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Sibyl EMS

What is Sibyl EMS?

Sibyl is VCE’s proprietary artificial intelligence energy management system, designed to operate and dispatch its microgrids. Built to seamlessly integrate and optimise energy resources, Sibyl sits in between the customer's distributed energy resources (DERs) and the network. 

Sibyl's evolutionary data engineering, forecasting, and learning algorithms maximise operating performance and return on investment for every microgrid system in our network.

How does Sibyl work?

Sibyl executes intelligent decision-making actions to forecast the future conditions at a particular site using predictive analytics on load, PV generation, other on-site operations, and energy prices (both wholesale market and local network). Instructions are sent to adjust battery setpoints, the amount of energy obtained from dispatchable generation (for example, on-site diesel or gas generators) as well as controllable load settings (say, EV charging, HVAC, lighting zones).

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Smart tracking of microgrid performance in real time

Sibyl enables the performance of the microgrid to be viewed anywhere, anytime, in real time.

User-friendly real time data visualisations 

These are specifically designed that are easy to understand. They provide relevant and invaluable information to customers on the performance of their microgrid.


They showcase the following benefits of Sibyl’s microgrid smart technology

  • Real time tracking of cost savings, battery performance and carbon footprint reduction

  • Maximise bill savings

  • Predict load usage, solar generation and optimise battery storage

  • Automatically store and release energy to maximise customer savings

  • Integrate with market operators and utilities and automate wholesale energy market transactions

  • Maximise wholesale market revenues

For Euston Club, we created a specific set of data visualisations that are shown live in the club's public areas, attracting great interest from members and guests. The Daily Operations Chart, is one of those, and depicted above.   

View our live data visualisations for Euston Club Microgrid here