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Moama Bowling Club Microgrid

Moama Bowling Club will be registered with the Australian Energy Regulator and Clean Energy Regulator as a provider of renewable energy, making it one of the first NSW clubs to supply the national electricity market.


Moama Bowling Club Microgrid


Shaw Street, Moama NSW


November 2020

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Pre-existing Issues

Moama Bowling Club (MBC) was facing a number of issues regarding the supply, cost and procurement of their electricity. Management was seeking a comprehensive solution to the following problems

  • high and ever increasing electricity charges

  • high cost of delivery to its fringe of grid location

  • uncertain supply - network outage issues

  • positive environmental impact


VCE conducted a feasibility study for MBC to determine the most appropriate solution to their problems. The findings were documented in a report and presented to Management, proposing a microgrid as the appropriate solution, which was accepted.


As management was looking to upgrade the Club's carpark, it was decided that VCE would design and construct a visually impactful shade structure over the carpark, on which solar panels will be mounted on the roof. This will serve multiple benefits, providing security and comfort for their members,  enhancing the aesthetic appeal and value of the Club. Importantly, the energy generated from the solar panels on roof of the carport would feed into the microgrid, to provide electricity for the Club.


The 503.58 kWp  carpark and rooftop mounted solar photovoltaic facility to be developed at MBC comprises


  • 338.58 kWp carpark mounted solar and 165 kWp rooftop mounted solar, including the panels, inverters, mounts, interconnection lines, electrical substations, transformers, switchgear and protective devices

  • 2,150.4 kWh +/- 5% battery energy storage system

  • 750 kVA power converter

  • 2 x 50kW and 2 x 22kW EV charging stations

  • New microgrid Switchboard

  • Integration of the existing 840 kVA Diesel generator, which will operate as a grid synchronous energy generator within the microgrid, microgrid controller, weather station, CCTV, SCADA and O&M operational platform and communications platform

Project Status

The solar carpark structure has been completed and adds value, both aesthetically and financially, to the club. Members and visitors are enjoying the convenience, safety and security of the carpark and lighting in the evenings.

Construction of the Microgrid Control Room is underway, with installation of the batteries, microgrid control system, SCADA, and  inverters.

MBC will be registered with the Australian Energy Regulator and Clean Energy Regulator as a provider of renewable electricity, it will make them one of the first NSW clubs to become a renewable energy producer to the national electricity market.