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Euston Club Microgrid


Euston Club Microgrid



Nixon Street, Euston NSW


August 2020

Pre-existing Issues

Euston Club was facing a number of issues regarding the supply, cost and procurement of their electricity.


Management was seeking a comprehensive solution to the following problems 

  • high and ever increasing electricity charges

  • high cost of delivery to its fringe of grid location

  • uncertain supply - network outage issues

  • positive environmental impact


VCE conducted a feasibility study for Euston Club to determine the most appropriate solution to their problems. Findings of the study were presented in a report to Management, proposing a microgrid as the appropriate solution, which was accepted.

Microgrid Specifications

VCE's microgrid for Euston Club is comprises of 

  • Solar Farm: 1044 ground mounted solar PV panels (381.1KW) and four inverters

  • Carport Solar: 69 roof mounted solar PV panels (25.2KW) and one inverter 

  • •3 x 100KW PowerCore Battery Inverter Systems, with inbuilt Siemens    S7-1200 SIMATIC Controllers 

  • 1253kWh Battery System

  • 2 x 22KW Circontrol Electric Vehicle chargers installed in two designated car parking bays, under the shelter of the microgrid carport

  • 1 x Siemens S7-1500 SIMATIC Microgrid Controller that manages solar generation, battery storage, grid supply, diesel generation and supply to the club

  • New site main switchboard to consolidate all club loads

The Outcome

The microgrid that VCE developed for Euston Club is a first for the NSW Clubs industry. As part of VCE's Clean Energy for Clubs Programme, it is a breakthrough in the development and implementation of smart technologies.

The system runs reliably in automatic mode - charging the battery in the off peak tariff period overnight - using the battery and solar to supply 100% of the load from 7am to 10pm - and providing 24/7 seamless backup during grid outages.

Euston Club Management is excited about this achievement and is enjoying a more reliable, economical and clean energy supply.

Watch: VCE's Microgrid for Euston Club is a first for the NSW Clubs industry. Learn how we resolved the issues Euston Club was facing, and hear about this breakthrough achievement using smart technology. 

Vellocet Clean Energy Euston Club solar
Vellocet Clean Energy solar microgrid pr
Euston Club solar farm microgrid Velloce
Vellocet Clean Energy solar microgrid pr
Euston Club solar battery microgrid encl
Vellocet Clean Energy solar microgrid pr

Watch time lapse footage of the construction of the Solar Farm

Watch time lapse footage of the construction of the BESS and Microgrid Enclosure

Watch drone footage of VCE's Microgrid for Euston Club 

“The renewable energy we are producing is even powering our two new electric vehicle charging stations. We are excited to be one of the only places offering this service in this part of the region. We look forward to seeing more visitors and members drop in to charge their electric vehicles and it’s such an exciting look into the future of this industry.”

Euston Club CEO, November 2020

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