Vellocet Clean Energy (VCE) is an Australian engineering company specialising in renewable energy. We are leading the way in the development of distributed energy resources (DERs) solutions for commercial customers

We build on-site, grid-connected microgrids and energy parks that feed into our collective virtual power plants (VPP). They integrate with our latest technologies and innovation in solar generation, battery storage and grid control systems.


Sibyl, our proprietary energy management system, is revolutionary in using artificial intelligence to maximise energy asset performance and investments. 

VCE delivers the following solutions and benefits to our customers

  • increased self reliance on energy requirements

  • substantial cost savings

  • positive and sustainable environmental impact

  • energy supply security from grid and network outages

  • incorporation of new technologies, such as microgrids, smart EMS, EV charging stations.


How we work

“Microgrids are the future of renewable energy and give customers their own “on-site” power plants. They become empowered by remaining connected, yet no longer dependent on the grid.  Customers don’t have to worry about high prices or power outages. Their excess renewable energy can be sold into the main power supply in a win-win for the environment and energy markets.”

Emile Abdurahman, CEO, Vellocet Clean Energy

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